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Simply4D is easy to use & simplified tool for viewing, collaborating & creating 4D simulations of BIM models.


Some of the features of Simply4D are:

  • Live-link to Autodesk Revit

  • Cloud-enabled model saving & sharing

  • AR (Augmented Reality) for enhanced 3D model visualization

  • AR (Augmented Reality) for 4D simulation viewing

  • Industry practised scheduling & Gantt chart tools

  • Exporting 4D Simulation to Video format

Simply4D can help users leverage the greatest value from your BIM model by visualizing the construction sequence. Simply4D also allows its user to visualize BIM models & construction sequences on AR (Augmented Reality) on mobile devices. Simply4D can be used for construction planning & scheduling for all stakeholders to visualize construction sequences & assess onsite and offsite progress across project lifetime. Users can plan, optimize & track projects on a single tool by importing schedule data & live-linking BIM model to Simply4D. Simply4D allows its users to link 3D digital models with time & schedule-related information along with providing useful scheduling related data & visualization to all stakeholders.

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