The Success of Simulating with Fuzor - Ho Lee Construction Pte. Ltd.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

A Brief Background into Ho Lee Construction

The growth of Singapore from the early 70’s to the early 90’s saw the expansion of Ho Lee’s business from a single entity dealing with general plumbing works to one that carries out various construction-related businesses from general building construction to specialised metal works, form-work fabrication and sales and rental of construction machines and equipment.

These various companies were group together in 1996 and saw the incorporation of Ho Lee Group (HLG).

In 2005 HLG had gone on to acquire Wee Poh Construction Co. (Pte) Ltd (WPC), a grade A1 civil engineering construction company under the workhead CW02. HLG has developed both commercial and residential properties, such as the Built-to-Order Mauser Factory in Tuas, Singapore, The Watercolour Executive Condominium, and The Heron Bay Executive Condominium to name a few.

The Group was also one of the major sponsors of the Viva Industrial Trust during its IPO listing on the SGX in November 2013.

High-rise Residentials

Public and Private Condominiums / HDB

Solutions Used: FUZOR VDC

The Customer Challenge

For starters, simulations are quickly becoming an essential component of the construction process. Not only are they used to simulate the construction process, but increase stakeholder engagement, win tenders, and improve safety.

The sequences created would translate method statements for construction to

video format, as a tool for briefing users and stakeholders.

Meet Kian Meng

Kian Meng has been with Ho Lee Construction for 13 years, currently managing Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) software such as FUZOR.

In this article we will showcase how he and his team use FUZOR's simulation tools to

enhance projects, engage stakeholders, and win tenders.

Some contracts such as DFMA and HDB require us to produce 3D animations for works, making VDC and simulation tools essential for fulfilling contracts and staying competitive. The video above for instance, is used to present stakeholders with a better visual understanding of how the project will look at different stages of completion.

Above: A Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction simulation for tender, or planning reference. This is especially helpful when applying for permits to use certain equipment or building processes.


Without FUZOR, making video edits or animations for tender submissions would need to be done traditionally making it much harder.

With FUZOR as our main animation/simulation tool, we can make faster and more engaging tenders for stakeholders. This will save time, especially when subject to deadlines during the tender phase. We also use Fuzor as alternative for “virtual walk-through” on top of other rendering software.

FUZOR is one of the tools that allows us to make better animations vs NAVISWORKS or other traditional forms, especially beneficial for contracts such as those under HDB or DFMA due to their 3D animation requirements.

Above: A building's external water test simulation.

The Result

Having FUZOR as their main simulation tool has enabled Kian Meng and his team to create better sequencing and Animations with FUZOR's clear video images and ease of use.

The FUZOR Animations are better understood by Site and field teams, adding details such as text that an be integrated into the videos to provide instructions. This improves the workflow by enabling faster information transfer from simulations to teams that are unfamiliar or new to certain aspects of the project.

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