OpenSpace’s cutting-edge technology helps document sites quickly and efficiently so you can keep up with today’s fast-paced workflows. Visit any point in time through an interactive 360 map of your site. Zoom in and explore every detail to review progress as it happens.

Next-generation 360 photo documentation — automatically mapped to plans.




Fully Automated & Lightning-Fast

Completely passive 360 visual documentation. No manual corrections or location pinning necessary. Photos are captured every half-second and are automatically tied to project plans. The OpenSpace Vision Engine also learns, so the more you walk, the faster you get results. After a few walks, most projects can expect to get results in 10 to 15 minutes — not hours, not days.

Wearable 360 camera

Wear your 360 camera instead of holding a 360 camera above your head or using a tripod to capture photos. Made possible by OpenSpace's Full 360 Stabilization.


Your team uses the mobile devices that best suit their needs. Our photo documentation solution supports those devices and is cross-platform compatible, natively supporting iOS and Android.

Full 360 Stabilization

OpenSpace's proprietary 360 photo and video stabilization means your team can wear a 360 camera, keeping both hands free while producing stable photo documentation.

Auto-Mapped High-Res Photos

When you walk the job with OpenSpace, our Vision Engine automatically ties notes and high-resolution smartphone photos to plans with no manual effort, making observations, RFIs and issue documentation a breeze.


Single Sign-On and integrations with products like Procore, PlanGrid and BIM 360 make photo documentation more powerful than ever.

Shared Folders

With OpenSpace, your data is your own. Our shared folders feature lets you share select images or captures securely with team members and stakeholders.

BIM 360

With OpenSpace, you can compare the actual conditions of the site vs. BIM, all in the browser. Our BIM viewer is both cloud-based and fully-featured: turn layers on and off, snap measurements, everything you'd expect to do with your model.


Split Screen


Pick two dates to see what was in place before concrete was poured or drywall was installed.

BIM Viewer


The OpenSpace BIM Viewer improves coordination by enabling side-by-side photo-to-model comparisons.



OpenSpace connects to your other systems. We don't like double entry, and we bet you don't either.

300% to 3000% More Efficient


Truly passive documentation saves hundreds of man hours on large projects. Hire builders, not photographers.

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