Fuzor is a suite of solutions for the common AEC problems in a user-friendly environment. Developers of Fuzor, know that your project begins before visualization and continues beyond project approval, so they set out to develop the complete project lifecycle solution. Their goal is to bring you cutting edge solutions to your project needs wherever you may be in the project lifecycle process. Whether you're just beginning the design phase, in the middle of the validation and analysis phase or heading into the construction phase, Fuzor has a solution for you.


Fuzor offers an Integrated Design Environment for AEC professionals to provide seamless workflow. The major breakthrough technology is bi-directional synchronization to Revit, ArchiCAD, and Rhino. Combine your Revit, Sketchup, FBX and other file types in Fuzor to experience your full model in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality. Customize Fuzor to your workflow preference and deliver high-quality designs.


Fuzor is a next-generation VDC solution for the construction industry which provides VR, Coordination, Collaboration, 4D construction simulation, 5D cost tracking and much more. Load in a Navisworks, P6, or Microsoft project schedule or create it directly in Fuzor. Plan site logistics with the vehicle and worker simulations. Analyze BIM information in 4D sequences to minimize possible delays before construction begins.


Site Planning with

2D Output

Extensive Animatable Equipment Library

Direct Support of Schedule Software

Point Cloud Support

Safety Clearance

Height Clearance

Detail Diagram

Clash Analysis

Realistic 4D Render

Easy Equipment Animation

Cash Flow Analysis

Project Control

Mobile Application

Hololens Support

4D VR Support

VR Safety Training

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