Using advanced technology and resources, BIMAGE takes on an innovative approach to support companies in designing and constructing buildings and infrastructures.

Building owners, developers, and facilities managers are implementing BIM on projects to generate significant savings on total operating costs over the life of the building. Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is closely associated with BIM approaches to capture and record important project data at the point of origin, including equipment lists, product data sheets, warranties, spare parts lists, and preventive maintenance schedules.

BIMAGE assists owners and facilities managers in understanding how BIM is able to preserve, manage and utilize the information that is essential to support operations, maintenance and asset management once the built asset is in service.

Project Handover

As-built BIM Quality Check
FM BIM Quality Check
FM BIM to FM Software Integration support
FM BIM Data Management Training and Consulting
BIM Data Management
BIM Add-on Tools and Productivity Tools – Computational BIM.
Existing Building Model Development (From As-Built 2D Drawings / Laser Scan)
How Can We Help You?

BIMAGE is the leading BIM Consulting and BIM services delivery company based in Singapore. As an independent BIM service provider BIMAGE helps clients to adopt relevant BIM technology

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