Our consultants are highly-respected in the construction IT industry and are very much plugged into industry developments. Their involvement reaches far beyond their daily responsibilities. Strategic Consulting, a specialised consulting team formed with our partners as an internal department, is a testimony to how much BIMAGE has grown over the years. The expertise and experience of BIMAGE Consulting remains a constant, no matter where we are.

Our Team of Consultants

M.Sc (IIT B), M.Tech (IIT B), MBA (NUS)

Ajith Menon

CEO and Managing Director

CEO and Managing Director of BIMAGE Consulting, Ajith has more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Consulting and Management in the field of Design Engineering, Infocom Technology, Building Information Modeling (BIM), GeoSpatial and Satellite Imaging Technology and a champion of interoperability among different technologies. Prior to that, he served as the CEO of DES Group of companies and senior management roles in Autodesk Inc., Info Comm Development Authority (iDA), Ministry of Planning, Kuwait and  Intergraph Middle East

B. Arch (University of Oregon, USA)

Jun Inuoe

Principal Consultant

Jun Inuoe is one of the most respected and experienced BIM professional in Asia Pacific. With more than 20 years experience in 3D Design technology, Jun has implemented more than 80 BIM projects spanning 20 companies in Japan and Asia Pacific. Currently Jun is the Managing Director of the leading BIM Consulting Company in Japan 3Di Inc. and Principal Consultant for BIMAGE Consulting.

PhD., M.E.UrbanPlanning, AdvDip.Media Devpt., B.E.Civil., PDip.Arch ID. AIIA, MCA, AITP

Xavier G Papuraj

Principal Consultant

Xavier G Papuraj is a CAD expert, specializes in Integrated Design Solutions and Building Information Modeling, and has the academic background of Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning and Multi-media Development and more than 32 years of field experience in the AEC industry and has specialised in CAD/BIM over the past 10 years.

M. Civil Eng (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Donald Ng


Donald is an experienced Business Development Manager in the area of BIM solutions. His 5 years with Autodesk Inc, Japan has given him valuable insights into AEC industry knowledge, market intelligence and strategic movements. These insights has enable him to give propose effective and efficient BIM solutions.