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BIM Quick Start Adoption Program (BIM QSAP)
BIM QSAP™ is intended for CAD/BIM Managers, Project Manager, Group and Technical Lead. The program will give an overview on BIM Concept, Technology and Process Implementation including Creating BIM Execution Plan, and Developing an Organizational wide  BIM guidelines and standards..
The program will also provide you hands- on experience in Modeling Evaluation, Coordination and Collaboration.
This program is designed for 3 days with following major topics

  • Introduction of BIM -  BIM Technology (Little BIM) and BIM as Process (Big BIM) – 0.5 days
  • Parametric Modeling and Utilizing a BIM Model – Workshop & Hands -on (1.5 days)
  • BIM Interoperability and Communication (0.5 days)
  • Understanding BCA BIM Guide Version 2.0 & Developing Project based BIM Execution Plan  (0.5 days)