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Taking the Lead on BIM
Building owners and managers internationally are driving the move to BIM (Building Information Modelling) by requiring its implementation on their construction projects. Owners recognise that implementing BIM on projects can generate significant savings on total construction costs and on operating costs over the life of the building.
BIM and the Team
BIMAGE assist owners and managers in understanding how BIM will affect their projects and to develop BIM standards for their teams in order to maximise the benefits from the project.
BIM Benefits for Owners & Project Managers

  • Design Optimization for better constructability, green building and Building Life Cycle
  • Improved design quality and better building performance through engineering analysis
  • 3D visualisation or 3D walkthrough for marketing & Promotion
  • Reduced construction time and cost as well as operation costs
  • Less change orders due to clash detection and resolution prior to construction
  • Fully integrated scheduling (4D) and costing (5D) assists in better informed decision making
  • Better quality building due to reduced number of changes and increased offsite fabrication
  • BIM includes all information required for efficient FM (6D) for the life time of the building
  • Handover documentation more accurate and useful for operations and maintenance

BIMAGE Services

  • Strategic Consulting
  • BIM Competency Enhancement and Adoption Program
  • BIM Training
  • BIM Modeling Services
  • COBie-in-BIMâ„¢ Support