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BIM Product Data Libraries
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing the way designers work with 3D graphic and non graphic information being incorporated in the BIM from the earliest stages of design. Many product manufacturers are now responding to the demands of designers by providing BIM product data libraries of their products.
Library Creation Service
BIMAGE provide a library creation service for product manufacturers whether starting from new or converting an existing 2D CAD library to 3D data rich BIM elements. All elements are created and checked by a team of experienced Autodesk Revit users.
Creating a Competitive Advantage
Product manufacturers have long recognised the competitive advantage of providing designers with libraries for their product. For designers having accurate manufacturers product data incorporated into the BIM provides more accurate design visualisations, scheduling, costing and energy analysis from the earliest stages of design and increases the likelihood of the manufacturers product being specified for the project.
BIMAGE Services

  • BIM Competency Enhancement and Adoption Program
  • BIM Quick Start Adoption Program
  • BIM Training
  • BIM Modeling Services
  • COBie-in-BIMâ„¢ Support
  • AutoClashDetectTM