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BIM Revolution
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is probably the most revolutionary tool to come into the design and construction industry in recent times and is rapidly changing and improving the way Developers and Contractors deliver projects. With the many benefits of BIM increasingly being recognised in an industry burdened with high levels of waste, poor coordination, challenging construction programmes and reduced profit margins. Continuing to deliver projects using traditional inefficient processes is simply not sustainable.
BIM Outsourcing
BIMAGE offer a range of services tailored to Developers and Contractors ranging from assistance with the formulation and implementation of a BIM policy to a full BIM outsourcing service. We can assist in the creation of full BIM models and construction documentation for entire projects to partial BIM models for programming studies and clash detection of particular aspects of a project.
Benefits of BIM for Developers and Contractors:

  • Reduction in the number of errors and omissions – saving costs and resources
  • Improved coordination and construction programming
  • Reduction in clashes and conflicts arising during construction
  • Exploration of construction sequencing, alternative design options and fine tuning
  • Significant reduction in the number of RFI’s and the associated administration cost
  • Improved relationship with clients and end-users with clearer visualisation of the end product
  • Increased accuracy in construction schedules and material ordering
  • Better planning of site operation and site logistics
  • Clearer presentation and marketing of construction approaches
  • Cost estimation(quantity takeoff)

Advanced Use of BIM in Construction

  • Prefabrication & assembly of materials in a controlled, factory environment
  • GPS driven machine control equipment
  • Reduction in shop drawings with model to fabrication processes (CNC)
  • Digital fabrication (steel, HVAC ducts, piping)
  • 3D Animation and Walkthrough

BIMAGE Services

  • BIM Competency Enhancement and Adoption Program
  • BIM Quick Start Adoption Program
  • BIM Training
  • BIM Modeling Services
  • COBie-in-BIMâ„¢ Support
  • AutoClashDetectTM