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Refocus on Core Activities
The efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of BIM (Building Information Modelling) inspire confidence in the design process, and provides freedom from an inordinate focus on drawing and documentation production. BIMAGE collaborate with architects and designers throughout the design process to produce the BIM and all documents required at each project stage. Allowing BIMAGE to take on the responsibility of managing the production process, empowers the architect and designer to focus more time on other critical core activities, like design, project and business management.

BIMAGE in Practice
Our service to architects and designers is a combination of our team’s extensive project experience, with a highly efficient BIM process for producing architectural documentation. This attractive and cost effective service reduces the need for Architects and Engineers to employ, train and manage additional internal staff resources. With access to a large resource of experienced and trained Autodesk Revit operators, BIMAGE guarantee the efficient delivery of fully coordinated documentation to an agreed programme.
BIMAGE Services

  • Production of Architectural Documentation
  • BIM Project Resourcing (Outsourcing)Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.34.43 pm
  • BIM Detail Libraries
  • BIM & CAD Standards
  • Specification Writing Service
  • Coordination of Consultants Documentation into Single BIM
  • 2D CAD to 3D BIM Conversion
  • Automatic Output to 2D CAD formats
  • Clash Detection and Reporting