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BIM Competency Enhancement and Adoption Program
Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption in an organisation is critical in establishing high efficiency and productivity from using BIM systems in day-to-day operations. However, successful adoption is also challenging on many fronts, including training, mentoring and integration of workflows with internal standards. This program will allow clients to systematically train BIM professionals and enable them to integrate work processes with BIM. Thus, enhancing competency levels of BIM professionals and enable effective usage of BIM within the organisation.

An integral component of the programis integrating training modules with “live” project mentoring. On-the-job BIM modeling for all trainees provide the best platform for learning and understanding BIM concepts, and for our consultants to impart practical solutions on BIM modeling techniques.
This program is proven to be suitable for organisations from all stages of any AEC project and at any stages of the project. For architectures, builders, contractors, consultants, and from conceptual design to construction to post construction.
This program consists of two elements:

  • Project management & BIM implementation process consulting
  • On-Site professional Services:BIM Training and project hand-holding
  • BIM Implementation, company standards and advance project hand-holding.