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Clash detection is an important and integral part of the Construction process.  Clash detection arises out of the fact that, each discipline: structural engineering, MEP engineering, environmental engineering, etc…, creates a drawings, independently of all the others, based upon the architects original drawings, which is the starting point for all the otherdisciplines. Traditional Clash detection using CAD is cumbersome and time consuming that would severely impact the construction process, causing delays, design changes, materials costs and a cascade of headaches and budget overruns. It has been estimated that, industry-wide, each identified clash saves about $17,000 on a project. On large projects, 2000-3000 clashes are not unusual. That’s $34,000,000!
The advent of true BIM modeling included the integration of automatic clash detection and search capabilities in the software, which tremendously enhanced the process, both in terms of speed and accuracy. So understanding and using clash detection elements in BIM modeling software is crucial for engineers, architects, owners and contractors.